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  Visor-In version 0.1.1 Beta February 07, 2013

Developed the Visor-In library of components allows to create SCADA application using the development environment "Delphi" and "C++Builder".

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Short description: SCADA
  Visor version 5.3.0 August 13, 2009

Appeared the built-in Tag editor, now create and edit the tags become faster and more convenient.

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Complete description: Visor Manual
  Visor version 5.2.0 November 28, 2008

Now you can work with the historical data base located on a remote computer. The data viewer Visor can be installed separately, and the user gets access to the data base generated by the communication server Visor_On on a remote computer through a network. The result is a multiuser architecture with one server and many clients.
  Visor version 5.1.1 November 17, 2008

Appeared the new panel of tags control, now work with the tags become easier and more convenient.
In the left side of the main window of application there is a retractable tags panel.
The panel is divided into two parts: the top contains the group of tags, at the bottom - the channels with the corresponding lists of tags.
Tags and tags groups are chosen by simple drag-and-drop to the chart window.

Visor Diagram

  Visor version 5.1 October 5, 2008

Changed the format of tags.
Implemented multiwindow interface.
Improved the diagram navigation interface.
  Visor version 5.0 July 19, 2008

To protect against unauthorized use of software, applied the USB key Visor-Key.
  Visor version 4.5 April 8, 2008

Implemented multilingual interface.
Added Russian, Italian and Chinese languages.
  Visor version 4.4 November 29, 2007

Appeared the possibility of viewing values of variables in tabular representation.
Implemented the search of variables values.
  Visor version 4.3 November 17, 2007

Changed the database format. To improve the reliability of verification applied CRC.
  Visor version 4.2 October 26, 2007

Implemented the mode of monitoring process variables in real time.
  Visor version 4.1 August, 2006

Appeared the possibility of saving the interesting fragment of data in the off-line file.
  Visor version 4.0 February, 2006

Modified the protocol of data reading.
Implemented the "SYNCHRONOUS" mode, now the data can be read synchronously with the PLC scan cycle.
  Visor version 3.2 January, 2005

Modified the user interface.
  Visor version 3.1 May, 2004

Added a support of PLC Siemens SIMATIC S7.
Added the new structure - "Tags group".
  Visor version 3.0 February, 1997

Implemented the data viewer in graphical representation.
  Visor version 2.0 May, 1995

Improved the user interface.
Appeared a description of variables in the form of tags.
  Visor version 1.0 April, 1995

Implemented reading of data from the PLC Siemens SIMATIC S5.
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